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FAQs - Signature Generator

Where can I create, edit my signature template?
Remove space between signature fields
Where can I view my signature templates
Preview the signature
Import your existing email signature template code and customize using Sigsync Signature Generator
Details of the color codes used in the template editor
Add space between signature fields
Change the font name
Are there any pre designed templates, so that I can make use of it for my signatures? Where can I find them?
Add a separator line between the signature fields
Move signature fields from one place to another within the signature layout
Add a text field to your signature template
Add multiline text to your signature template
Add an image to your signature template
Add a Social media icon in your signature template
Add Personal Fields to your signature
Add Personal fields in single line layout
Add Address Fields to your signature
Add Contact Fields in the signature
Add a Social Media Strip in the signature
Insert an AD placeholder in an email signature
Change Active Directory fields to static fields in signature template
Add custom AD fields in the signature
Set the different banners for each sender
Add a QR code in your signature
Add an Analytics link in signature
Add OneClick survey in your signature
Add Message Properties in signature
Copy signature templates and save it on the same or different tenants
Add a new line in the signature
Insert a table to your signature design area
Add a custom table in your signature template
Create a new template
Delete a template
Add image from Sigsync repository
Add Online image (hosted or linked) to your signature template
Can I add a border line to my signature template?

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