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Steps to add Email Signature to alias email address

Alias is an email address that is used in place of your primary email address. They are useful in combating spam mails or if you don't wish to hand over your personal email address to everyone. Azure Directory or AD fields contain standard fields like First Name, Last Name, Address, Mobile Number etc. While these attributes are used to create dynamic signatures from Sigsync Signature template, alias email address do not have AD fields. To make use of AD fields in signature for alias email address, we present 'custom attributes' as a workaround.

For instance, let's assume you have 2 alias email address named as and and your primary account is You have to add both alias email address in custom attributes of your account. Now make sure alias email address is included in Sigsync rules. Thats it! Now email signature will be appended to the alias email address added in custom attributes. Below is simple and quick step by step guide on how to achieve this.

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