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How Trial subscription works?

When you sign up for Sigsync, you start with a 14-day free trial subscription and 1000 licenses. There are no limitations while using trial subscription. You will be notified through mails when your trial period ends, if you haven't purchased the subscription. You can still access the Dashboard and all your configuration is retained, but users won't have the signatures attached to their email. To resume adding email signatures, you have to purchase a subscription.

Note: If your trial period has ended and you do not want to continue using Sigsync, you have to deregister your tenant to avoid emails being sent to Sigsync servers. All email routing will be blocked once the trial period ends. If you want to test the service outside of your Office 365 organization, you can use a trial Office 365 tenant to test Sigsync Signatures for Office 365 service.

Contact us anytime if the trial period has ended and you need further time to test the Sigsync services before purchasing the subscription.

How does a license work?

Sigsync allows you to buy licenses for the user accounts. That is if you buy 100 user licenses, then you can send emails from 100 users through Sigsync. There are no restrictions on the number of emails sent by each email address (users). Sigsync is a cost effective Microsoft approved email signature solution having Monthly and Yearly subscription plans. With a 'Yearly' plan subscription, you will get a one-month FREE subscription.

Note: All users whose emails are routed through Sigsync service will require one Sigsync license even if they do not have signatures added to emails or used in any Sigsync rules. Office 365 treats shared mailboxes as user mailboxes. Hence, shared mailbox if included, will require a license. To avoid accidental license usage, make sure that you are only sending emails from users that require a Signature by using distribution groups (group should contain only members who require Signature) while configuring Sigsync Connectors.

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