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FAQs - Reseller / Partner

How does a Reseller account work?
What are the benefits of a reseller account?
Does the reseller account have any trial period?
What are the subscription plans available for a reseller?
How to upgrade or downgrade licenses for existing subscriptions?
How does billing work for resellers?
How can I add customers to my reseller account?
How can I add others to manage my clients?
How to manage Customers under a reseller account?
Can I ask my customer to add their Office 365 tenants to manage signatures?
Can customers registered under reseller account view Invoice, Subscriptions details under their login?
Is there a separate reseller panel in Sigsync?
How to set-up signatures for a Reseller?
How to manage Office 365 Tenants Signatures under reseller account?
Can I add tenants and have signatures of my own?
How can I purchase licenses in a reseller account?
How to activate and allocate licenses to customers?
How can I assign /activate a license for a client's tenant?
How can I verify the license usage count in a reseller account?
How to cancel my subscription?
How to resume my subscription?
How do I change my credit card attached to the subscription?
Does it have any limit on how many emails a client / customer can send?
How to check my current status?
How is my discount calculated?
Is my discount reset / deleted after a certain period of time?
How to maintain the reseller status?
Where can I find product videos?
Where can I find brochures, banners and service screenshots?
How to get free Not for Resale (NFR) licenses?

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