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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Office 365 email signatures

  1. Sigsync allows you to buy licenses for the user accounts. That's if you buy 100 user licenses then you can send emails from 100 users through Sigsync. There are no restrictions on the number of emails sent by each email address (users). Sigsync is a cost effective Microsoft approved email signature solution having Monthly and Yearly subscription plans. With a 'Yearly' plan subscription, you will get a one-month FREE subscription.

  2. Monthly subscriptions are billed every month and are useful if you want to pay in small amounts. Whereas, yearly subscription gives you the most value for money as each license costs less compared to monthly and only one time payment per year. With a 'Yearly' plan subscription, you will get a one-month FREE subscription.

  3. Both subscription models have it's advantages. If you want to pay in small amounts, then a monthly subscription is recommended. However, Yearly subscription has the most value for money as licenses cost less than monthly licenses. With a 'Yearly' plan subscription, you will get a one-month FREE

  4. License is counted based on how many email addresses are sending emails through Sigsync service. Every new email address that sends email through Sigsync server during a billing cycle will cost 1 license. After each billing cycle, license used count will be reset to 0.

    If you do not plan to use email signatures for all users, then you should make a separate group in your Office 365 account with only users that require email signatures. Then, choose that group while configuring Sigsync connectors during the sender's scope step in setup wizard. This will route emails from only those users of the group selected to Sigsync service. So, licenses will be consumed only for email addresses in the group selected that has sent email.

    However, if you require all users to have a signature, then you should select the "All users" option during Sigsync connectors configuration in the sender's scope step.

  5. If you have used more licenses than the purchased license count then each license over the purchased count will be charged at $0.5 USD.

    For Instance: If you have bought 100 licenses and used 120 licenses in a particular month, 100 licenses will be considered as per your subscription. However, for extra 20 license usage, you will be charged at $0.5 USD per each user. Hence, an additional cost of $10 USD has to be paid for 20 excess license usage. This additional usage will reset and a fresh count will be considered for the upcoming month extra usage calculation.

    For the Yearly license, the extra usage will be charged on a monthly basis.

    To avoid the extra license usage, you can create a group with the list of users for whom you want signatures to be processed. Click here to know the steps to limit the license usage to a specific group of users.

  6. Billing is done every month at the end of billing cycle for monthly subscription. For yearly subscription, you only have to pay once every year and you get a month of subscription free.

  7. Your billing cycle starts right after you purchase a subscription. So, it starts on the same day of subscription purchase.

  8. Yes, each tenant will have different invoice by default.

  9. You do not have to renew subscription as it is automatic and recurring. If you have cancelled your subscription, You can resume subscription by visiting 'Dashboard' -> 'Manage Signatures' -> 'Subscriptions'. In Subscription page, click 'Resume Subscription' button

  10. Login to your account, click 'Subscriptions' button on respective tenant and click 'Cancel Subscription' button. This will schedule the cancelation at the end of billing cycle.

  11. You can add a new card in payment methods section. Open 'Dashboard' -> 'Manage Signatures' -> 'Subscriptions' and click 'Edit Subscription'. Select 'Payment method' tab and choose 'Add another card' or you can select card from list if it was already added.

  12. Yes, All payment form is directly provided from Stripe. Therefore, Sigsync does not see or store your credit / debit card information in any form. We use TLS encrypted connections to process your payment with Stripe.

  13. Go to 'Dashboard' -> 'Manage Signatures' -> 'Subscriptions', Click 'Edit Subscription'. You can ad or remove licenses in 'Update License' tab or if you wish to switch from monthly to yearly or yearly to monthly, click the 'Change Subscription Plan' and change your subscription plan as necessary.

  14. No, your emails will be routed through Sigsync for 4 days even after your subscription is over. You will receive emails reminding you about subscription renewal. But, signatures will be added only if you have active subscription. You will have to subscribe before 7 days grace period or remove connectors to avoid stoppage of emails routing through Sigsync.

  15. Trial subscription ends in 14 days after signing up to Sigsync. No, you will not be charged automatically after trial subscription ends.

  16. No, emails will still be sent for 7 days from failure of transaction.You will receive notification emails regarding transaction fail. But, emails will have a signature attached only after renewal of subscription. You have to add new card before 7 days duration expires to avoid stoppage of emails routing through Sigsync.

  17. Subscriptions do not end as they are automatically recurring. However if you cancel the subscription, Signatures will be added till the end of current subscription billing cycle. Afterwards Sigsync will stop adding signatures to emails. Emails will still be routed through Sigsync for additional 7 days of grace period.

    You will either have to Purchase a new subscription or have to remove connectors if you wish to stop using Sigsync.

  18. Subscription can not be paused but email signature adding can be paused. You can disable rules to pause adding signatures to emails or you can remove connectors to avoid emails routing through Sigsync and then add again when you want to use email signatures.

  19. You can modify existing subscription as required. You can add or remove licenses and you can also change Subscription Plan type from monthly to yearly or vice versa. Hence, there is no need to buy another subscription if you have a subscription for tenant already.

  20. If you want to have only a specific group of users enabled with signatures then follow the below steps. This is helpful in avoiding extra license usage by only allowing the signatures for the users within the Group that you have specified.

    1. Login to your Office 365 account and create a 'Mail enabled group' in Office 365 Admin Center and add only the users for whom you wanted signatures.

    2. Now, login to Sigsync

    3. From the Dashboard -> click the 'Manage Tenants and Signatures'

    4. Under Tenants, click the 'Create, Edit, Manage Signatures' and click the 'Preferences' tab.

    5. Under 'Preferences' tab, click the 'Update AD Attributes' button to sync the latest group related changes.

    6. Re-Configure the connectors by selecting the 'Add Email signature to the users belonging to this group only' option and choose the newly created group and proceed with configuration.

  21. No, currently there are no limits to trial license. Trial subscription lasts for 14 days and 1000 licenses are provided.

  22. Yes, we accept debit cards as well. You can also contact Sigsync support and discuss about payment method.

  23. No. There are no limits on the number of emails sent through Sigsync. Only each sender email address consumes one license.

  24. To increase or decrease users licenses, follow the below steps:

    • Login to 'Sigsync Dashboard', open the 'Tenants' page from the top menu or by clicking the 'Manage Signatures' button in the dashboard.


    • Click the 'Subscriptions' button in the tenants list for respective tenant.


    • In the Subscription page, it displays all the subscription related details. Click on the ‘Edit Subscription’ button.


    • In the Edit Subscription page, you can increase or decrease the total number of users according to the requirement.
      • If you want to increase the total number of users, type the number or use 'Up arrow' (▲) to increase the users count. Then, make a payment by selecting the card you wish to use as payment method or add the new payment method using the ‘Add Debit / Credit / ATM Card’ option. Then, click on the ‘Pay Now’ button.


      • If you want to decrease the total number of users, type the number or use 'Down arrow' (▼) to decrease the users count. Then, click the ‘Update Subscription’ button. However, you will still be able to use all licenses in the current billing cycle and the reduced total number of users count will be only effective from the next billing cycle.



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