Email is the lifeblood of corporate communication and the gateway to any business, but securing it doesn't need to be a difficult task for your IT team. Office 365 uses the latest technologies to keep email data private and protected from ever-evolving threats while staying mobile and accessible from the desktop or anywhere. Because these security features are built-in and automatically updated, your business security requires minimal involvement from your IT team.

When it comes to email signatures in Office 365, it's a good idea to have different variants on hand for different purposes. It is common practice to set up two signatures for the same sender: one with full contact details and graphics while other with information limited to the bare essentials. The first signature is only applicable when you send an email to an external user, while the second appears to the internal users. This means that the email signature remains legible, and the most important information is always at hand.

How to setup an Office 365 Email Signatures?

Follow the below steps to create an email signature in Outlook :

  1. Click the Options in the File tab
  2. Click the Signatures… option in the Mail section.
  3. You can create a signature in the Edit signature section. Also, you can add images and links using icons and can modify the formatting.
  4. The signature created for the very first time will be named Default. It can be renamed using the Rename button.
  5. If applicable, choose the email account you wish to associate with the Choose default signature section's created signature.
  6. From the dropdown, choose the signature you wish to attach to new emails/replies / forwards. Then, click the OK button.

Office 365 Email Signatures management

If you have selected not to add the signature automatically, the signature can be inserted manually using the Insert tab. In the email window, choose the Signature then, select the signature you wish to attach.

Follow the below steps to create a signature using Outlook Web App :

  1. In the Outlook web, click the Settings menu and then select View all Outlook settings.
  2. Go to Mail → Compose and reply. Then, Choose the Email Signature.
  3. You can create your signature using the available text box. Also, using the mini toolbar, you can modify the formatting.
  4. To attach your created signature to all the outgoing emails, you need to check the Automatically include my signature on new messages that I compose option. Then, click the Save button to apply the changes.

outlook 365 email signature

If you have selected not to add the signature automatically, the signature can be inserted manually using the Insert option available at the top of an email and then select Your Signature.

How to add Office 365 Signatures for a whole organization?

Admins can configure organization-wide signatures for their users using the disclaimer rule as the Office 365 won't provide any native signature management option.

Follow the below steps to create a disclaimer that acts as an automatic email signature for all the users :

  1. Go to the Exchange Admin Center, and then under mail flow, choose rules.
  2. Click the + icon, then choose the Apply disclaimers. Enter the name, such as "Company Signature."
  3. Select the conditions which trigger the rule from the Apply this rule if… dropdown.
  4. Choose the Append the disclaimer… from the Do the following… drop down and then, Enter text link.
  5. Enter the HTML code/text of your organization-wide signature in the specified disclaimer text window.
  6. You can use user attribute properties such as %%FirstName%% then, click the OK button for personalization.
  7. Choose Select one… link to enter the fallback action if you can't add the signature, which is ignored (send the message without a signature). Keep the remaining settings, and then click the Save button.

company to manage email signatures

Limitations of Native Office 365 Email Signature :

  • Native Office 365 email signature will not override the existing email signatures with the disclaimer rule.
  • The email signature will be added to every mail including reply and forward if you haven't set an exception to the rule.
  • If some users don't want certain information to be displayed in the signature, you can't exclude the variable properties for users.
  • Will add the Signature only at the end of the email. Due to this, in the case of forward/reply messages, signatures will be piled one after the other at the end of an email.
  • If the AD fields are empty, fetched from the active directory, the signature will have whitespace in front of the particular field and won't be removed.
  • Recipients receive images as attachments as they can't embed them.
  • Only admins can manage the email signatures of Microsoft 365 users.
  • Signatures won't be visible in their email client before sending an email.

Also, the admin can manage users' signatures using a third-party signature management service.

Email Signature setup in Microsoft 365 with Sigsync

Can set up Email signature in Microsoft 365 in just two steps :

  1. Design an email signature source code. To design an email signature in just a few clicks, you can use Sigsync Signature Generator.
  2. Email signature set up as per instructions (link to How to add Office 365 Signatures for a whole organization)

Now managing email signatures centrally is straightforward through the Sigsync, with the Sigsync - Signatures for Office 365, since it allows companies to design any signature in a short time, regardless of the device they use. With Sigsync - Signatures for Office 365, managing email signatures is easy and accessible to any user. No need for any tool, just a web browser is sufficient to create and manage your email signature.

With Sigsync Signatures for Office 365 you will :

  1. Control all signatures in Office 365 from a web browser. Using a smart and intuitive user interface designed for users with all kinds of technical skills.
  2. Choose from different signature template designs designed by the market leaders in specialized email signature solutions.
  3. Users can choose a signature directly from Outlook while composing a message. They will also choose subscriptions on mobile devices with rules enabled by the "Subject" and “Body” content.

Comparison of Microsoft 365 native signature options and Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365

FunctionalityMicrosoft 365 Native SignatureSigsync Email Signature Service for Office 365
Email signature added under latest replies and forwardsIt adds the email signature at the very bottom of the email conversationEmail signature will be added right under the email conversation
Signature is visible while composing an email Email signature will be visible while composing an email
Signature is visible in sent items Email Signature will be visible in sent items.
Signature template editorEmail signature can be created only using HTML without any formatting toolsSigsync has a Signature generator and it also supports HTML, RTF,plain text and WYSIWYG editors
Built-in signature templates It has built-in customizable signature templates
Images and logos embedded in email signature Images and logos will be embedded in the email signature
Supports all email clients including mobile devices  
Different signature for external and internal correspondence  
Active directory placeholder picker  
Auto removal of empty active directory placeholders  
Custom active directory fields  

Advantages of Sigsync Email Signature

It's easy to believe that an email signature is just a fancy design that has your name and photo embedded in it. It's a lot more than that. This is a useful marketing tactic that can be useful for your business. This way, you can stamp your branding without the hassle.

Since you've embedded all of the company information like name, logo, contact, and colors in the signature, recipients can easily identify your brand. In the age of artificial intelligence, a picture of yourself in the email signature signals to your readers that you are a real person behind the desk and not a robot. A "signature" is indispensable when composing a business email. Once set, it's an excellent item that can be used forever unless there is a change.

We all have a signature in our email with personal, company contact details, and maybe even some advertising flash. In a teamwork and multi-device environment, setting up this email signature can be an ordeal. Go user by user, application by application, device to device to configure the signature ... That everyone has the same to give a good corporate image is basic. Ask your marketing or business strategy department what they think that each one has a different company signature or how to take advantage of this space to offer better customer service or else. It is a space for our brand.

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