Add Admin Users

You can add users of a tenant as Admin to that tenant and manage that tenant's signatures. Upon making any tenant user as Admin, the particular user (Admin) will have access to the tenant they belong and can manage all the Signature related operations. An email will be sent to the user with login instructions and managing tenant signatures. You can remove Admin privileges by clicking 'Remove Admin' button.

Steps to add admin users

Step 1: To add a new Admin to a specific tenant, click the 'Add, Manage Tenant Signatures' button in the dashboard.


Step 2: Then in the tenant list, click the 'Create, Edit, Manage Signatures' button of the respective tenant for which new admin needs to be added.


Step 3: Then, click on 'Preferences' tab and click 'Tenant Specific Admin' button as shown in below screenshot.


Step 4: Find the user you wish to make admin from the list provided or type the email address in the search box. After finding the user, click the corresponding 'Make admin' button of that user. Then, click 'Yes' in confirmation dialog box.


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