How to add signature to sent email in sent items folder?

By default emails in your sent items folder does not show the actual signature which is visible to your recipients because your signatures for emails are attached by Sigsync service on fly and send it to your intended recipients. However, using Sigsync you can enable signatures for the mail items in your Sent Items folder. To enable, select the option 'Enable Email Signature in Sent Items folder' and click the 'Enable Now', in the 'Preferences' tab. Follow the below steps.

A quick video guide to enable signature in sent email

Click the 'Enable now' button as highlighted in below screenshot.


It will navigate you to a new page where you can click the 'Enable signature in Sent Items' button as highlighted in below screenshot.


Advantages of having the email signatures in users sent items folder.

  • User will be able to view signature’s look and feel when it reaches the recipient. Open sent items folder to view the complete email with signature.
  • Without having this feature enabled, your sent email content will not have signatures which may include disclaimers. This will be an issue when you require a copy of email for compliance with laws mandating the preservation of computerized documents in the specific form.
  • To verify accuracy of email signature position placement in email is correct or not.
  • In case of any legal issues regarding the preservation of corporate mails.
  • It works on all the devices and email clients.

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