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Supported platforms and requirements

Sigsync Email Signature for Office 365 does not require any components to be installed separately in the end user’s environment. Only person who configured Sigsync service has the access to Dashboard.

Sigsync Dashboard: You can monitor license usage, subscription renewal, update account information or password and manage tenant related settings. The 'Manage Signature' tab has Tenants list which contains all the Tenants signature settings that you have configured with Sigsync. It shows status and 'Manage Email Signatures' has related settings for each tenant. The 'Subscription' tab (to be introduced) has information about number of licenses used / remaining. Adding more license and subscription renewal options. The 'Account' tab has Name, Email, Password etc fields that can be updated.
Requirement: A modern web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge to access Sigsync Dashboard seamlessly.

Sigsync Sent Item Update: As signatures are added server-side, you can enable Email Signature in Sent Items Folder to update the sent emails with signature for legal purposes or to view the signature appended matches the desired vision of signature.
Requirement: Global admin rights are necessary to provide sent email update to all users sent folder.

Sigsync Signature Outlook Add-in: Sigsync Signature Outlook add-in is accessible in compose 'New Message' option. Add personal signatures to emails that are centrally designed for entire organization automatically.

 Outlook for Windows (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription)
 Outlook 2016 (Build 14131.20360 or higher)
 Outlook 2019 (Build 13929.20296 or higher)
 Outlook Web Access (OWA)


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