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With Sigsync O365 email signature management software, you can unify your company's email signatures for all employees in a few clicks.
Get consistent signatures across all devices and email clients while Sigsync handles the heavy lifting!

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Integrates with Office 365, Exchange and Outlook

Why use Sigsync email signature manager for Microsoft 365?

Sigsync can ease your pain points by providing a centralized, automated solution for Office 365 signature management which results in consistent, professional signatures and disclaimers for all users across the organization.

Easily deploy signatures for Office 365 and Exchange

Sigsync makes it simple to deploy email signatures and disclaimers for your tenant. The solution automates signature deployment, removing the need for manual updates for each user and ensuring signature consistency. You can save time, lower administrative costs, and focus on more important tasks.

Enjoy user-friendly Office 365 signature management

Sigsync features an intuitive interface, making it easy for administrators to manage and update signatures for all users. The user-friendly design simplifies the management process, enabling administrators to make signature updates quickly and efficiently.

Unify and centralize email signatures for entire team

Sigsync provides a centralized dashboard, where you can manage and update signatures for an entire team from one location. This feature ensures that all users have company-wide consistent and professional signatures that resonate with your brand.

Delegate Microsoft 365 email signature management

With Sigsync, you can delegate signature management to administrators or users. From the dashboard, you can delegate a global admin to manage all the signatures or delegate tenant specific administrators to manage signatures to a specific tenant, giving the flexibility for individual teams or departments to manage their own signatures.

Centralize and manage Outlook signatures

By deploying the Sigsync signature Outlook Add-in, users can preview and add signatures directly in Outlook while composing an email. When deployed centrally, an administrator can choose the required signature template and have complete control over the signatures thereby preventing unintended signature updates.

Stay compliant with centralized disclaimers

Thanks to Sigsync, managing email signatures in Office 365 and disclaimer text in every email is no longer a challenge. You can configure a single template with disclaimer text that remains consistent across all users, ensuring compliance.

Manage Signatures without HTML skills

Sigsync enables you to create and manage email signatures without the need for HTML expertise. You can create a professional signature in minutes with the ready-to-use templates, or design a signature from scratch by using the drag-and-drop components.

Get Free Technical support and Signature Design Assistance

Sigsync provides free 24x7 customer support assistance. With this feature, you get instant help and all the resources you need to effectively manage your email signatures. Sigsync free signature design service can also assist you in creating a customized signature suited to your company’s brand and image.

Email signature management:
Sigsync vs Microsoft 365 signatures

Sigsync provides a comprehensive, flexible, and user-friendly solution for email signature management, compared to Microsoft native solution. Here’s how you can use Sigsync to streamline your O365 signature management.

Customize email signatures with flexible drag-n-drop editor

Sigsync features a flexible drag-and-drop signature editor, which enables you to create and update signatures with ease. The editor provides visual components, making it easy to add and update text, images, and graphics, social media icons without the need for any HTML expertise.

Customize email signatures
Select and add Active Directory

Select and add Active Directory placeholders

Sigsync enables you to select and add Active Directory (AD) placeholders to your email signatures, which dynamically retrieve information such as name, contact information, address, job title, phone number and other fields from the user AD profiles. The automatic retrieval eliminates manual updates for each user and ensures that signatures are uniform and up to date.

Preview the signatures before sending the email

With Sigsync signature preview feature, you can preview email signatures while designing them. You can also enable the option to save a copy of your email along with the signature in the Sent Items folder which may be required for legal compliance.

Preview the signatures
Display or hide the email signature fields

Display or hide the email signature fields

Sigsync gives you the ability to display or hide signature field values in the template. This feature enables you to remove the empty spaces in the signature such as when an employee does not have field values such as mobile phone, fax number or other AD values thereby maintaining consistency in the design and layout.

Add email signatures directly beneath the the latest reply or forward message

With Sigsync, you can add email signatures directly beneath the latest reply or forward message, instead of always adding signatures at the end. You can use different signature templates for replies and forward messages giving you complete freedom to customize your signatures.

Add email signatures
Embed company logo

Embed company logo and profile photos in signatures

With Sigsync, you can directly embed images in email signatures such as company logos and profile photos instead of adding them as an attachment. When a recipient reads your email message, the embedded images appear correctly every time and preserve the signature layout without requiring them to download the image.

Insert vCard details as QR code in email signature

Connecting with your recipients and sending them invites is easier than ever, thanks to Sigsync integration of vCard with QR codes. This feature enables you to directly insert the vCard details as a QR code into the Office 365 signatures, making it easy for your recipients to directly scan and save your contact information in a single click.

Insert vCard details as QR code
Change banners location

Change banners location in email signatures

Sigsync provides the ability to add and change the banner location in your email signatures. You can add the banner to the side or bottom of the signature as you see fit, which is not possible with the Microsoft native signatures.

Schedule email signatures for marketing campaigns

With Sigsync Scheduler, you can schedule different signatures to run for specific campaigns, events, product promotions, webinars and holidays. Add social media icons, analytics, and one-click customer surveys (CSAT) to promote your website, track your signature, and receive feedback from your customers to ensure the success of your campaign.

Schedule email signatures

Frequently Asked Questions

How to manage Office 365 signatures with Sigsync?

Here are the steps for Office 365 centralized signature management with Sigsync

  • Step 1: Sign up for an account with Sigsync
  • Step 2: Add your Office 365 tenant from the dashboard
  • Step 3: Create your email signature in the Signature Editor
  • Step 4: Deploy and manage signatures to all your users. That’s it!.

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