Sigsync Signature generator is a feature rich WYSIWYG editor which automatically handles all the HTML code and user can place an design components such as Section, Text, Social media etc. for an email signature with ease. Quickly create customized, professional email signatures with disclaimers, banners etc., with the ready to use components. Signature generator has 100’s of professional signature templates available, where user can select the suitable template for their organization and customize it according to the requirement.

The Signature generator has easy-to-use interface and email signature can be created effortlessly with available components. Signature template consists of fields such as AD fields which provides AD field values of sender. Thus, information such as Name, Company, Address details etc., are added dynamically in your email signature. It also has multiple social media icons, text section, Analytics, OneClick survey, QR code etc., in the generator.

All the available options such as dimension, typography, decorations and different placeholders etc., are listed in the right pane of the signature generator which will be very easy in creating personalized email signatures from scratch or using predefined template email signature can be created according to the requirement.

Signature generator consists of unique features such as Preview, Import HTML code, Undo / Redo etc. User can preview the created signature template at any time using Preview button in the signature generator. If user have already created email signature, it can be imported to the signature generator and modify as required or same signature can be used later. Undo is used reverse a changes that was previously done and redo is used restore the changes which was done recently.


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