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Embedded images in email

Sigsync email signature supports adding images directly in an email to make sure that the images appear correctly on the recipient’s side. This ensures that the signature will not be distorted when the image is blocked. (This is the default behaviour of email clients when the sender is not in the recipient's address list.)

With Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365, you can include images in email signatures that do not appear as attachments. This ensures that the images are directly embedded in the signature and are not blocked at the recipient’s side. If the images are added as attachments and cannot be downloaded for some reason, the recipients see prompts such as ‘Display images', ‘Download pictures' or red 'x' marks which can be avoided by using embedded images in Sigsync.

Embedded image in Sigsync Email signature


You can embed your images without doing any changes to images. Go to Sigsync Settings and select Embedded images under Add Linked or Embedded Images to Signature

Embed Image

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