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Integrate Matomo Analytics with Sigsync Email Signature

Integration of Sigsync Email Signature with Matomo analytics allows you to effectively measure the impact of your email marketing campaigns and analyze the amount of website traffic they generate. This integration enables you to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts by tracking the number of visitors and their activities on your website originating from your email campaigns. It provides valuable insights to optimize your marketing strategies and enhance the overall performance of your email marketing campaigns.

URL parameters of Matomo:

Matomo is a web analytics application that supports URL tagging, allowing for link tracking. It offers five URL tags where hyperlinks can be added to gather information about your website's traffic. The supported parameters of Matomo include:

  • pk_campaign: This tag is mandatory and specifies the campaign name.
  • pk_kwd: This tag is optional and serves as a keyword for paid advertisements.
  • pk_medium: This tag is optional and requires installation using a plugin. It specifies the campaign medium and provides details on the general source of the traffic, such as a blog, email, etc.
  • pk_source: This optional tag, which requires installation through a plugin, helps identify the traffic source, such as an email signature, forum, etc.
  • pk_content: This optional tag, which requires installation using a plugin, helps identify the specific element that has been clicked to reach your website.

Refer to this Matomo document for comprehensive insights on tracking campaigns using the above url parameters.

With Sigsync, you can use all or required URL tags to links in your email signatures.

Steps to tag links in Sigsync email signature with Matomo tracking parameters

The steps below outline how to add an analytics link to a banner image. You can follow a similar process for other components, such as text, links, and more.

  1. Select the banner image from template design area

    Select the banner image

  2. Fill the required Motamo analytics tracking parameters and click the ‘Save Link’ button

    Google analytics tracking parameters

  3. Save the template changes

    Upon deploying the email signature, every time a recipient clicks on the banner image embedded within your email signature, Matomo Analytics will track and record this interaction.

Track your email signature campaign results in Matomo analytics

To view the campaign reports,

  1. Login to your Matomo Analytics account
  2. Navigate to the ‘Referrers’ and select ‘Campaigns’ in the left pane.


Refer to this guide to learn more about analyzing campaign reports in Matomo analytics

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