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OneClick with Hively

Sigsync Email Signature service can be integrated with Hively service. OneClick surveys can be added to all or selected organization emails. Adding these OneClick surveys in emails helps to know your customer satisfaction effectively and you can easily assess customer experience without any unnecessary questionnaires. In turn collecting feedback from your clients helps you to grow in the market.

Hively Account Configuration:

To integrate OneClick survey with Sigsync Email Signature service you can use third party services. You can use Hively service by following below steps:

Add users in the Hively service and then you can generate snippet to add it to the Sigsync Email signature.

  • Login to your Hively account. Go to Users - >Manage users where you can add users. Click on the Add users button.

    Office 365 Admin Menu

  •  Fill the user details, then click on  the Add team member to add users. Users can be added in bulk or single.


  • In menu, go to Configuration under which you can find Snippets.


  • Click on the Show snippet as HTML to have a HTML snippet.


  • Copy the HTML code which you need to paste it to the Sigsync Signature editor.


Add the HTML snippet to a signature template

  • In Sigsync signature editor, click on the 'Choose Signature Templates' button to select template from the Saved Template list or select new template from the pre-existing template list.


  • Drag and drop the 'OneClick' survey block in the Signature layout.


  • Insert the HTML code snippet and click on the 'Save' button.


Customer Satisfaction reports in Hively

The created signature with OneClick survey will be added to emails according to the selected rule. With just one click, the recipients will be able to give their customer satisfaction ratings.


All the feedback given by the recipients will be sent and displayed immediately on your Hively account. You can find the all the ratings of each employee in Leaderboard and the graph in All Ratings from the left pane menu.



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