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OneClick with CrewHu

CrewHu is employee recognition software which evaluates the customer satisfaction and collects feedback. Adding OneClick surveys in your Email signature increases the response rate from the recipients.

Add OneClick surveys to Office365 email signature

Initially, add users to your CrewHu account, who want to have OneClick surveys added to their email signature.

New user creation in CrewHu

  • Login to your CrewHu account using credentials. Go to Settings -> Employees to add the users.


  • To add new users, click on the Add button in the Employees tab.


  • To add users, fill the details such as Name, Email, profile etc. Enter an active email address as the CrewHu sends an activation link to the specified address. The activation link is important to access CrewHu profile.


  • Unique ID will be generated to each employee. To view the user ID, select the specific user from employee tab. User ID is the ID that shows in the address bar after the slash. It’s suggested to copy the user ID as it is required during the integration.


Configure CrewHu Survey settings

  • In Settings go to CSAT under Survey Settings.


  • Upload an image of your logo and fill all the required details in survey settings tab.


  • Go to My Profile.


  • In My Profile, you can find Email Signature snippet. Click on the View/Copy button.


  • Click on the Source Code button to preview OneClick survey in HTML.


  • Copy the source HTML code and paste it in Sigsync Signature Editor.


Add user ID to Office 365 tenant

  • Login to your Office 365 account. Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and then select Users -> Active users.


  • Select the users who have CrewHu ID. Go to Mail and then to Edit Exchange properties.


  • In newly opened window, click on the More options... and then edit user custom attributes.


  • Paste user ID which was copied from the address bar.

    Note: For every user, different users ID need to be added


Create signature in Sigsync Email signature

  • In Sigsync signature editor, click on the 'Choose Signature Templates' button to select template from the 'Saved Template list' or select new template from the pre-existing template list.


  • Drag and drop the 'OneClick' servey block in the Signature layout.


  • Insert the HTML code snippet and click on the 'Save' button.


  • You can track Customer Satisfaction survey in CrewHu dashboard.


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