Sigsync Email Signature Features

Sigsync makes email signature management simple. Create consistent signatures across all devices, ensure brand consistency, maintain compliance with disclaimers, promote your business with banners and build long lasting relationships with your customers and partners.

Add images and photos in email signatures

Images and photos in email signatures demonstrate professionalism. Adding Office 365 (Microsoft 365) photos and logos in your email signature can showcase your company's brand and ensure consistency in the signatures. With Sigsync signatures, you can directly use signature components such as Active Directory (AD) placeholders, social media icons, analytics, and banners to improve branding.

Sigsync's Profile Photo signature component lets you add Office 365 photos to your signatures, retrieving them directly from the Office 365 Azure Active Directory. The dynamic component makes it possible to change the profile photo for each user in the signature while keeping the overall layout and design of the signature consistent.

Add images and photos

With Sigsync, you have complete control over designing your own personalized email signatures with our web-based HTML signature editor. Not a design expert? No worries! Sigsync also offers more than a hundred ready-made signature templates that you can readily customize to your exact specifications. This makes it a truly unique email signature editor that enables you to design, create, and manage email signatures from a single centralized location.

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