Sigsync Email Signature Features

Sigsync makes email signature management simple. Create consistent signatures across all devices, ensure brand consistency, maintain compliance with disclaimers, promote your business with banners and build long lasting relationships with your customers and partners.

Email signature delegation to teams and departments

With Sigsync email signatures for Office 365, you have the full flexibility to delegate the email signature design and management responsibilities to specific groups or tenant specific administrators in your organization. This functionality grants your team or departments complete autonomy over the email signature management process and have centralized email signatures.

Email signature delegation

The email signature delegation in Sigsync can help you in the following ways:

  1. You can delegate the email signature management to a Global Administrator or a Tenant specific administrator.
  2. Allow different departments such as Sales, Design, Finance and Marketing to take control of the signature design and management.
  3. Enable email signatures for specific Active Directory Groups (AD) in your organization.

Delegating the email signatures to specific people in your organization provides them the freedom to choose customized banners, eye-catchy graphics and logos for promotional campaigns and specific events. Your teams can now create personalized signatures that truly represent your brand.

For instance, you can delegate complete control of the marketing campaigns to the sales team and let their experience handle it even better. Learn More..

Sigsync's user-friendly signature editor makes designing professional email signatures a breeze for your teams and departments without complex HTML coding or technical expertise. Plus, with Sigsync's centralized dashboard, global administrators can easily manage email signatures for all users and effortlessly add specific tenants.


Streamline Email Signature Management with a Free On-demand Demo from Sigsync

Sigsync email signature service provides effortless, centralized signature management for Office 365 and Exchange. Our team can assist you in quickly setting up company-wide signatures. Request a free on-demand demo to see how Sigsync can simplify your email signature management process.


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