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Signatures to replies and forwards

Sigsync Office 365 Email Signatures provides Office 365 users with centralized management and dynamic signature creation for each user based on the rules you create. You can now add different signatures based on the email conversation.If you are sending a reply or forward, you can include an elaborate signature in the first email and a toned-down version in subsequent conversations to keep it short. With these options in the Settings you can also choose whether to add a signature directly below a new message or below the conversation reply.

  • Apply signature to every email
  • Apply signature to the first email only (don't add signatures to subsequent emails)
  • Apply signature when the first email is sent and remove it from the email conversation when subsequent email is sent
  • Apply signature to every email, but remove its previous occurrences in the email conversation

Signatures to replies and forwards

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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
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