Sigsync Email Signature Features

Sigsync makes email signature management simple. Create consistent signatures across all devices, ensure brand consistency, maintain compliance with disclaimers, promote your business with banners and build long lasting relationships with your customers and partners.

Quickly set up Office 365 email signatures

With Sigsync web-based Office 365 signature service, you can effortlessly configure email signatures with just a few clicks. No need to worry about installing software or dealing with complicated setups. Access Sigsync from any device or mobile phone, and enjoy the convenience of managing your email signatures and disclaimers from anywhere, at any time. Learn more about the system requirements.

Sigsync makes it easy for you to create consistent and professional email signatures for your entire organization, with centralized control and customization options.

For configuring Sigsync signatures in the server side mode, you need to login to the Sigsync dashboard with your Microsoft 365 account having global admin permissions.

Sigsync automatically guides you with the following steps:

Server side signature mode

For configuring signatures in the client-side signature mode, you just need to deploy the Sigsync Signature Add-in for Outlook which enables you to add email signatures when you compose an email message.

Client side signature mode

After you configure Office 365 tenants in Sigsync, you can start assigning signatures to specific groups, departments and teams. You can create a signature from scratch or directly use one of the available signature templates from the Sigsync signature gallery.

With Sigsync free 24x7 expert and technical support, setting up email signatures for Microsoft 365 is easier than ever. We have got you covered even during the trial period, and provide free remote assistance if you need help setting up your email signatures. If you would like to see things in action and watch how Sigsync works in real time, you can also request a free personalized and interactive demo. But that's not all! At Sigsync, we offer free signature design and our team of experts can help you create personalized signatures that align with your company’s brand and image.

Streamline Email Signature Management with a Free On-demand Demo from Sigsync

Sigsync email signature service provides effortless, centralized signature management for Office 365 and Exchange. Our team can assist you in quickly setting up company-wide signatures. Request a free on-demand demo to see how Sigsync can simplify your email signature management process.


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