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Easy scheduling of meetings

To schedule a meeting, you must find the best time for everyone involved, which can be a difficult task if not handled properly. With different time zones and work schedules, as well as the new time constraints of working from home, it may be difficult to choose the ideal time that is convenient for everyone attending the meetings. As a result, it's necessary to make a decision quickly without wasting valuable time.

Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 lets you schedule meetings or appointments directly from your email signature, simplifying the process. You can also include a link to a meeting scheduling service such as, Cogsworth, or Calendly, or a 1-1 video call using Microsoft Teams allowing your users to easily schedule an appointment with you.

You can accomplish this by inserting a suitable image into the image placeholder that represents scheduling as shown and clicking the (   ) Save button.


Click on the image added in the signature. Select 'Hyperlink' in the Edit window that appears. Add the necessary information and click on the 'Apply' button.


You can easily integrate the following services with Sigsync:

Visit Calendly website

Visit Microsoft Teams website
Visit website

Visit Cogsworth website

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