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  1. Sigsync is a service which makes email signature creation and maintenance easier. With the centrally managed Dashboard, it ensures compliance and personalized sign-off messages are automatically appended to the end of an email on fly, without any dependency of the platform / device from which you are sending email.

    Sigsync supports Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange email signature. Just with few clicks, you can create company wide signature automatically. It follows high security standards and compliance to ensure your data is safe and secure. Sigsync is ISO 27001:2013 certified service and ensures that the complete email signature process is secured. Learn more about ISO / IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standards.

  2. No. Sigsync is a centralized web-based signature management service that allows you to create and manage your email signatures for your teams and company at one place.

  3. Yes. No matter from which device you to want access emails, Sigsync supports email signature across the all devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile etc.) and email clients.

  4. Following are the few advantages of using Sigsync for your email signature for Office 365 over the normal, built in email signature.

    • Centralized web-based email signature. Automatically setup enterprise grade company wide Office 365 email signature with few clicks.
    • Saves time, money and effort in setting and maintaining email signature for your company and team.
    • Professional, consistent, tamper proof, branding, disclaimer, adverts, legal and governance compliance everything in one dashboard for all employees.
    • Configure your email signature and disclaimers quickly and easily.
    • Stamp Email signature on your mails, no matter what device you are using to send emails including desktop, laptop, mobile any other device.
    • Flexibility to create and apply multiple email signatures for different senders / recipients / dates / Subject / body Message for promotional campaigns.
    • Your email signature is always HTML.
    • There is no need to click link and view attachments, your signature will directly appear as embedded images.
    • Office 365 email signature will appear directly under each reply / forwarded emails.
    • Your signature contact list and its content will be intact as it is directly fetched from your AD.
    • Highly secured and it handles everything on fly to ensure no data will be left in physical storage.
    • No dependency on employees to make updates.
  5. Sigsync supports company wide, organizations having huge number of employees and industrial domains like Finance, Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Real estate & Construction, Insurance, Travel, pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage and Retail industries. We have over 1000+ users using Sigsync service.

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  6. You can create a trial Office 365 account and add your custom domain (any domain that you can use to test) to Office 365 tenant. Now, create an account in Sigsync and then proceed with Sigsync automatic configuration instructions and complete setup. Your account is now ready to use Sigsync service.

    Click here to know the detailed steps

    Note: Office 365 new account sometimes takes time to assign non trial account ip or to propagate connectors. It is best to contact Microsoft support if you notice issue of unable to forward mails to Sigsync. It takes less than an hour usually for Microsoft to fix this.

  7. We offer 24/7 Live chat and email support for all our users. In addition, we take remote access to your computer and provide you an one-to-one technical support to address the issues there by we try our best to save your time in handling any complex scenario.

    We do offer services to assist you with any custom design changes to your email signature, if you are already subscribed or using any other email signature platform, we can assist you to do migration to our service. Kindly contact us to find out more about our services

  8. Yes, you can set up various email signatures according to the different departments / sub divisions in their companies. For example, organization with one location in London and another in California can have different Email signature configurations applied automatically.

    These can be based on groups in your Address Book, domain names, or even based on conditional rules.

  9. Yes, you can set different signature for internal / external recipients. You have the below option to when you create an email signature.

    Within the Organization (Internal) and Outside the Organization (External)
    Within the Organization (Internal) Only
    Outside the Organization (External) Only


  10. Sigsync allows you to create centralised email signature templates for your entire company with ease of use.

    Once you configure and send an email, your personal signature information is retrieved dynamically from encrypted database and append the email signature according to your rules settings.


  11. Rules & Templates tab allows you to add conditions for adding signature to email and set template for signature. To know more, click here.

  12. You can create a rule and assign a template. This will be applicable to company-wide signature. For more information on how rules works, click here.

  13. We offer a supportive environment for migration. You can reconfigure your email signature to the new environment. For any assistance you can contact us.

  14. Sigsync supports Exchange Version 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.

  15. Sigsync is ISO 27001:2013 certified service and ensures that the complete email signature process is secured. No duplicate copies of your data will be created without your knowledge. Following types of data may be stored with encryption to process email signature which are either directly entered (using Sigsync Dashboard) or imported by you from your Office 365 tenants.

    • The configuration and preferences details.
    • Some basic details that you have entered / imported from your Office 365 tenant for signature creation.
  16. Using Sigsync you can automatically reconfigure email signature connectors or rules.

    1. Click here to reconfigure the configuration either automatically


    2. Click here to read how to manually configure again.

  17. Sigsync service is one of the highly competitive, enterprise grade, reliable and cost effective service for emails signature. Upon canceling the subscription, your emails and your team will no more carry the beautiful signature that you have configured using Sigsync. If you have any queries related to email signature service, kindly contact us on support and we will address the same in time. If you still feel canceling the service, click here.

  18. You can renew the subscription and continue to use the service without any interruptions. Contact Sigsync support for the details

  19. To pause the signature add service, you will have to follow below steps. Note that this will not pause the subscription period.

    • Login to your Office 365 tenant's Admin center. Then, navigate to 'Exchange' shortcut as shown in below screenshot to open Exchange Admin center in new tab.


    • Select 'Mail flow' in the navigation menu on left side of screen and select 'Rules' tab and then select the 'Sigsync Routing Rules', click 'Delete' button as shown below.


    • Now, click on 'Connectors' tab and select 'Sigsync Outbound Connector', click delete button as shown below. Select 'Sigsync Inbound Connector', click 'Delete' button again.


    To resume services, just go to automatic configure page and follow the steps to complete the setup process and service will be ready to use again.

  20. You can choose users to be excluded in Rules section under 'Add / don't add signature based on senders' option. Signature will be applied based on the sender list of Include list. To exclude users from adding signature, you have to add them to Exclude list.


  21. To remove configuration properly and safely, you can follow the instructions provided below:

    Remove Configuration Automatically

    Remove Configuration Manually

  22. If you want to reconfigure, you can follow below steps.

    a. Remove the Configuration - if you do not have Sigsync Rules and Connectors you can skip this step. Follow the instructions here to remove the configuration.

    b. Re-configure - Click here to reconfigure the Rules and Connectors for your Office 365 tenant.

  23. To exclude automatic replies from Sigsync signature,

    • Open 'Exchange admin center' -> Mail flow tab
    • Under Rules section, open 'Sigsync Routing Rules*****'
    • Then, add an exception as shown in below screenshot. Click 'Save' to save changes.


  24. Under certain conditions, Outlook may not refresh Add-in and reload the latest changes to the signatures that you have added in your Sigsync Dashboard. To handle this Outlook refresh issue, we recommend you to follow the below steps.

    To refresh Sigsync Signatures, follow the below steps:

    1. Click the top right 'X' button of add-in pane.


    2. Select the '...' options in menu bar and select 'Sigsync Signatures' from list to open the add-in again.

    If the cache is not cleared and the issue persists then logout from the Outlook session and open Outlook in private browser window (incognito mode) and try to deploy the add-in.

    Follow the below steps, if you wish to reinstall the Sigsync Signatures Outlook add-in:

    1. In compose section, select the '...' options in menu bar as shown below.


    2. Select the 'Get Add-ins'.

    3. In the popup window, click 'My add-ins'. Under my add-ins, Click 'Remove' button to remove add-in.

    4. Under my add-ins, Click '+' sign and select 'Add from URL' in the drop down menu.

    5. Copy and paste the below link to deploy Sigsync Signatures Outlook add-in

      Click the 'Add' button.

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