How to add Email signature?

How to begin using Sigsync service? Its very simple! Lets start with an one-time automated configuration. Emails are sent through Sigsync servers and it will be processed to add signature based on rules set by you. Signatures can be previewed using Sigsync outlook add-in while creating email.

Below are the details on how to perform all the steps required to configure and manage tenant to use Sigsync service.

A quick video guide for configuration and managing tenants signature.

Add / Manage Tenant Signatures:

After signing up to Sigsync, you will be redirected to Dashboard. Click 'Manage Signature' section to start 'Add / Manage Tenant Signatures' setup wizard. Click here for step by step instructions.

Signature Rules:

Modify default rule or create a new rule to make appropriate changes as required, based on these rules whether signature should be added to an email or not is decided. You can create multiple rules and set signature for each rule created to add different signatures based on different criteria. Click here to know detailed explanations of each options in Signature Rules.

Set Signature template to Rule:

You can create signature by choosing from many ranges of templates provided by Sigsync that suits your needs and modify it or can create a signature from blank template. Sigsync provides a signature generator with rich features. You can learn more about Signature Generator here.

Add SPF Record:

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a list of authorized servers that can send emails of your domain. You can find steps to configure SPF Record here.

Setup Connectors:

Automatically configure Exchange online connectors and routing rule. This will start sending emails to Sigsync servers based on routing rule created. To learn more on how to setup connectors, Click here.

Set Preferences:

Customize Sigsync service more according to your needs by changing options as required in preferences section. These settings make the whole signature adding and managing seamless across platforms and makes life easier. Learn more on what each preference does.

Sigsync Outlook Add-in:

Sigsync Signature Preview Add-in shows preview of signatures that will be added to emails on server side after emails are sent. This add-in can be used with these versions of outlook: Windows Outlook 2013 and above, Mac Outlook 2016 and above, also with Outlook on the web (OWA). To install add-in, follow instructions here.

Email Signature in Sent Items Folder:

Sigsync email signatures for Office 365 is a centrally managed server-side email signature solution for Office 365. Using Sigsync sent email signature update feature, you can enable signatures for email which is in Sent Items folders across various devices and email clients. Click here to enable email signature in sent items folder.

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