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What is MX record?

A mail exchanger record (MX record) is a Domain Name System (DNS) record that contains mail server address responsible for accepting emails for your domain.

For routing emails from Office 365 through Sigsync, you may come across common errors such as: Relay Access Denied. This error occurs when user belonging to a domain does not have MX record in Sigsync.

Solution: Obtain MX record from 'Domains' section in Office 365 admin center. Then, add the MX record value from Office 365 in Sigsync Dashboard by following below steps.

NOTE: Updating MX record in your Sigsync dashboard is not required for the domains from which you don't send emails.

Steps to retrieve MX record for a Domain in Office 365

1. Go to Office 365 admin center. Click on the Settings->Domains.

Select Domains on Office 365 Admin center

2. Click on the Domain name which has email sending failure issue.

click on domain name

3. Click on the DNS records tab. Search for column Type and click MX under Type column.

MX Record

4. Copy the value under the column Points to address or Value. It usually ends with <domain-com> Keep this value saved for now.

MX record value

Steps to set MX record value in Sigsync

1. Login to Sigsync Dashboard

2. Select 'Manage Signatures' < 'Register & Manage Tenants' tab from the dashboard. Click the ‘ MX records’

Update MX Record

3. From the Verify and Update MX records page, click on the respective domain's MX record column and paste the value that you have retrieved from Points to address or Value column in Office 365. Repeat this for all the domains. Click on the Save.

Verify MX Record

If you do not send emails from any of domains listed, click on the Edit icon for each domain to mark MX record as blank.

Save MX Record

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