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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and allows adding hyperlinks and hosted images in an email signature. It gives full flexibility to add banners, colorful layouts and make the email signature interactive. RTF stands for Rich Text Format that can stylize the text such as making it bold, italics, adding bullet points etc. RTF format can only embed the images inside the email and cannot add hyperlinks to it. A plain text email does not support any formatting unlike HTML and RTF but reduces the size of the email and is supported by all the email clients.

These options in the Settings section allow you to have signatures on any email without limitations of email being only text or RTF format etc. If no email convert option is selected, then only HTML emails will have HTML signatures. Text emails will have text signatures and RTF will not have any signature. You have to convert RTF email to HTML email to the add the signature.


  1. Convert plain text email to html
  2. Convert RTF email to html
  3. Convert all email to html

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