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Centralized deployment of Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook using 'Integrated apps'

Supported versions:

For Windows:
  Windows Outlook for Microsoft 365 (Version 2108 - Build 14326.21018) and higher (Microsoft 365 subscription required)
 Outlook 2019 (Version 2111) and higher – partially supported*
 Outlook 2021 – partially supported*
 Windows 10 (Version 1903 - Build 18362) or Windows Server 2019 (Version 1903) and higher – older versions are partially supported*
*partially supported means that with the Sigsync Add-in you can:
  preview signatures from add-in pane while composing an email
  add signatures manually from the add-in pane using 'Add This Signature' button

For Mac (early access version of the Sigsync Add-in):
 Outlook for Mac (Version 16.59 - Build 22031300) and higher (Microsoft 365 subscription required)
Please note that the 'New Outlook' toggle located in the upper-right corner of Outlook for Mac must be switched to 'On'. In case the toggle is not visible, you can click on 'Outlook' in the menu bar and select 'New Outlook' to activate it.

Outlook on the web (OWA): 
Requirements: Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Outlook is compatible with all modern web browsers such as
  Microsoft Edge
  Google Chrome
  Mozilla Firefox

Although the Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Outlook can be used with shared mailboxes, full support may not be available on Outlook Mac. This is because shared mailboxes are not yet officially supported on Microsoft's Office Add-in platform.
Sigsync requires Microsoft 365 global admin rights (required for centralized deployment of the Sigsync Signatures Add-in only).

  1. Login to your Office 365 tenant's admin center. Select Settings -> Integrated apps.


  2. In the Integrated apps section, click on the Upload custom apps.


  3. In the Deploy new App panel, select the Provide link to manifest file and paste the link given below. link


    Click on the Validate button to validate the manifest file and if successful click Next.

  4. In Add users, there are 3 options to specify the Add-in access
    • Just me: Deploy the add-in only for current user.
    • Entire organization: Deploy the add-in to your entire organization.
    • Specific users/groups: Specify the selective users/groups to deploy the add-in.


  5. Under Deployment, click Next to provide App permission.


  6. Review your selected settings and click Finish deployment.


  7. Once deployment is complete, click on Done. Sigsync Signatures Add-in will be added in the Integrated App dashboard.


It may take up to six hours for the app to appear in Outlook depending on Microsoft.

Upon successful deployment, to view Sigsync Signatures Add-in deployment on Outlook Web Application (OWA), click on the 'New Message' button and in the Compose section, select the three dots ('...') option.


To view the Sigsync Signatures Add-in deployment in Outlook desktop application, open the mail compose window and click 'Sigsync Addin for Outlook' as shown in the screenshot below.


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