What is SPF record and why is it recommended to use?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record is a list of authorized senders of your domain. You need to add Sigsync domain in SPF record to inform servers at the receiving end of recipients that our service is authorized by your domain to process the emails. It helps in preventing all the emails processed by Sigsync service from being marked as spam, spoofing, junk, or phishing by receiving server.

Why do you need to add SPF record?

If you haven't setup SPF record yet, its recommended you have a record for each domain. Even if the domain does not send any email, SPF records can prevent spoofing and phishing emails sent as your domain email.

  1. Add SPF record to Own domain – Add Sigsync domain (mail.sigsync.com) to your domain registrar's DNS configuration to inform servers at receiving end that Sigsync service is authorized by your domain to process the email. If you have more than one domain in Office 365 that requires Sigsync service then you have to add to each of your domain's SPF record.

    Ignore the step (a) if you have already created, otherwise

    a.  Setup SPF record as explained in Microsoft guide. You can read more about it in this Microsoft article.

    Your SPF TXT record entries by default may resemble as shown below

    1. Default Microsoft SPF record configuration

      v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com -all

    2. Multiple Server Microsoft SPF record configuration

      v=spf1 include:spf.protection.outlook.com include:mail.example1.com include:mail.example2.com -all

    Hence, You need to add 'include:mail.sigsync.com' to SPF record in DNS settings for your domain to ensure mails will not be marked as spam or junk mistakenly. The value to be added to your SPF record should be 'include:mail.sigsync.com' to make it work properly.

  2. Add SPF record to onmicrosoft.com - If you are using onmicrosoft.com and you have no domain, then you must contact Microsoft to add SPF record. you cannot edit DNS settings, because Microsoft itself manages the DNS for onmicrosoft.com.

Once you have completed above steps, you can validate your SPF record here.

Now that SPF Record is setup, Let's start setting up connectors

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