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Manage Email Signature Templates

Sigsync provides different options to choose and manage the signature templates. The Signature Generator has various categories of unique predefined templates to suit user requirements. A new template can be loaded from the pre-exisiting templates and edited in the Signature Generator. Templates can be loaded from an already saved template or they can even be imported if you have an HTML signature code. Separate templates can be created for different requirements and it is possible to set a different signature for subsequent mails using Sigsync.

How to select the Signature template

From the Dashboard, select the 'Signature Gallery' tab.

  1. In the Template Gallery, click on the appropriate category to select a suitable template as per your requirement. You can also try Blank Layout to create a template from scratch.


  2. If you have the HTML signature code already, import it using the Import Your Existing Template.


  3. Copy and Paste the HTML signature code in Import Signature Template popup window and click on the Save button.


  4. If you have any Saved Templates before, you can select it from the drop down menu.


How to delete the saved signature template

To delete the saved template, click on the '   ' button in the Signature Generator toolbar. Then, select the required template which needs to be deleted from the drop down menu and click the '   ' icon as shown in screenshot below.


Next, step by step procedure of creating an Email Signature.

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