How to Manage Email Signature Templates

Sigsync Signature Generator consists of various categories of unique predefined templates, where you can select the suitable template or create your custom template using available options in signature generator. The template categories include corporate, outlook, professional, Email signature with banner /GIF’s etc.

How to select the template from the template Categories

In the Tenant Management, click the Signature Generator tab where you can access the signature template list. In the Signature Generator, click the Choose Signature Templates button. In the popup screen, that shows 'Templates' categories and the 'Import Signature HTML code'.

  • Select the appropriate category from the drop down list and then select suitable template according to your requirement.


  • Select the suitable template from the list. You can select blank layout to create template from scratch or if you have any saved template before, you can select it from the drop down menu.


  • If you have the HTML signature code already, you can import it using 'Import Signature HTML code' option.


  • Paste the copied HTML signature code and click the 'Save' button.


How to delete the saved signature template

To delete the saved template, click the 'Delete' button. Then, select the required template which needs to be deleted from the drop down menu and click the  ' icon.


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