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Manage Signature Components

Sigsync provides various options to manage the signature fields such as ‘Edit’, ‘Wrap’,’Unwrap’, ‘NewLine’, ‘Space’, ‘Hyperlink’,’Remove Empty Fields’, ‘Height’, ‘Width’, ‘Padding’, ’Font’, ’Style’, ‘Color’, ‘Border’, ‘Background’ etc.

  1. Edit
  2. Wrap selected control
  3. Unwrap selected control
  4. Add Padding (space) before / after
  5. Insert New line before / after the control
  6. Hyperlink (href)
  7. Analytics Link
  8. Remove Empty Fields
  9. Height, Width, Padding
  10. Font, Style, Color
  11. Border, Background
  12. Delete

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Sigsync email signature service offers company-wide and centralized email signature
for Office 365 and Exchange. We can assist you in getting your signature ready effortlessly.