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While configuring the tenant for your Sigsync account, you will be asked to choose a server location. Select the geolocation of the Sigsync server to process your tenant's emails, attach signature and store basic user settings. Alternatively you may keep the default settings as the geolocation will be reallocated based on the server load and performance. It is also advisable to choose the server location nearest to the location you are based to avoid any delays. For instance, if you are operating from Europe, select the server location as Europe.

Make sure to select the correct geolocation when configuring your tenant. If you need to change the geo location after you have finished setting up your tenant, contact Sigsync support for making the required changes.

Currently, Sigsync offers 6 server locations

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • UAE
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Select server location


Sigsync is a Microsoft approved ISO 27001:2013 certified email signature service. It uses secure cloud services for email signatures and disclaimers as per the flow guided by Microsoft. Your emails are neither stored anywhere nor read by anyone. It uses Microsoft OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption for authentication. It will never ask your credentials but instead you will be redirected to Microsoft Sign in page for authentication. Your Office 365 credentials are not stored anywhere on Sigsync or any other third party servers. Sigsync servers are GDPR compliant and the data related to the signatures are encrypted for additional protection. Know more...

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Sigsync email signature service provides effortless, centralized signature management for Office 365 and Exchange. Our team can assist you in quickly setting up company-wide signatures. Request a free on-demand demo to see how Sigsync can simplify your email signature management process.


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