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Dynamic Active Directory placeholders support

Sigsync Email Signatures provides Active Directory fields in Signature templates. This lets you create unique signatures for each user in your organisation. Some users, however, may not have values in certain AD fields. In this case, Sigsync provides a Remove Empty fields option to skip that field section only for that user during signature creation for that specific user. Using this option you can choose to remove the entire line from the signature and avoid any blank spaces, if the value for the field is not set.

The Remove Empty fields allows you to skip Active Directory fields that do not have field values for a specific user.

For instance, User A has a fax number and the fax field from User A is included in the signature template. However, User B does not have a fax number. Because User B does not have a number in that field in AD, he will have a blank space for the faxNumber field by default, when he adds a signature. To avoid having an empty space, apply the Remove Empty fields to the fax number related fields. That is, the fax number and the icon associated with it.

When users do not have a value for the faxNumber field in AD, it removes all the fields associated with it when included under the remove Empty fields.


Here, faxnumber-icon1 are two fields in the above image. Select faxnumber-icon2 field and choose the Remove Empty fields option in the popup that appears and choose faxNumber in the AD attribute drop down menu. Click on Apply. Repeat the same steps by selecting the faxnumber-icon3 field.


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