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Dynamic Active Directory placeholders support

Sigsync provides Active Directory (AD) fields to include in Signature templates. This feature enables you to create unique, personalized and dynamic email signatures for each user in your organization based on Company Name, Job Title, Name, Phone Number, Address and so on. The AD placeholders are then dynamically replaced with relevant user information when the email is sent.


Sigsync also provides the ‘Display / Hide’ fields property to remove the empty space when you do not have values in certain Active Directory fields. If the value for the Active Directory field is not set, you can use this option to remove the entire line from the signature to avoid any blank spaces.

For instance: Consider that ‘User A’ has a fax number filled in his Office 365 Active Directory. The fax number field is included in the signature template.


However, ‘User B’ does not have a fax number in his Office 365 Active Directory. If the ‘Display / Hide’ signature option is not applied in the properties, a blank space appears for the ‘faxNumber’ field in the email signature of ‘User B’ as shown.

Blank space appears

To avoid the empty space, set the ‘Hide’ field property to the faxNumber label / icon of ‘User B’ to remove the ‘faxNumber’ field from the signature.

Hide signature fields

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