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Signature occurrences in email conversations

Signature occurrences in an email control how signatures are added to new email conversations, replies or forwards. For example, you might require adding a signature only to the very first email. Another scenario is to have an email signature for the current email in the conversation and remove it from any previous emails in the email thread.

The Signature occurrences in email conversations section in the Sigsync Preferences tab lets you manage how email signatures are added to your email conversations. There are 4 options as listed below.


These settings mainly apply to the server side mode of adding the signatures. Client-side signatures are added with the Sigsync Signatures Outlook Add-in, which gives you direct control over adding signatures while composing an email.

By default, Sigsync applies a signature to every email when the signature meets the conditions set up under Signature Rules. The above additional options let you choose the signature occurrences in conversations and are useful if you want to customize and change the default method of adding signatures to emails.


Furthermore, Sigsync allows you to add different signatures to the first and subsequent emails in the Signature Rules page. You can use the same email signature template for all the emails or a different one for the subsequent emails. Know more...

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