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Login to Sigsync

First, create an account by clicking 'Login / Signup with Office 365' and use Microsoft Office365 login which uses OAuth2.0 security as shown below


Or Click 'New user? Start here' as highlighted in above screenshot to sign up by filling the form provided in next page as shown below.


Once you have filled all the required fields, click 'Sign Up' and you will be presented with Dashboard.


Add / Manage Tenant Signatures

Once you have dashboard access, you can proceed with adding signature to tenants by following below steps.

Step 1: Click the 'Manage Signature' option to add signatures to Office 365 tenant as highlighted in below screenshot.


Step 2: Click 'Continue' as highlighted in below screenshot and login as global administrator. You have to accept the permission requested for adding signature (required for service to function).


Step 3: Choose Sigsync server based on your geolocation and click 'Continue' button to proceed as highlighted in below screenshot.


That’s it! Now you have successfully finished adding signatures to tenant.


You have to wait for couple of minutes for provisioning to get completed. You can refresh the status by clicking button in status column to check the status. Once Provisioning gets completed successfully, status will be changed to ‘Connectors configuration pending’ from ‘Provisioning in progress’.


After the process completed, click on the ‘Connectors configuration pending Click here to proceed’ to continue and proceed to 'How to set Signature Rules?'.

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