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Display / Hide Signature fields

Sigsync offers a unique feature to help you maintain a complete and consistent email signature. Within the signature editor, you'll find the 'Display / Hide Signature Fields' property, which lets you remove any empty fields that may show up in your signature when the corresponding field details are unavailable in your Office 365 Azure Active Directory.

For an Instance: In the below screenshot, there is an empty space for the ‘Fax Number’ field after the label 'F:' in the signature preview pane.

Display / Hide Signature fields

To remove this empty space in your signature, follow the below steps using Sigsync signature editor.

Steps to set ‘Display / Hide’ properties for the signature fields

  1. Click on the label ‘F:’

    Click on the label

  2. Choose the 'Display / Hide signature fields' tab from the 'Properties' pane on the right side of the editor and select the '$faxNumber' field from the drop down menu

    Click apply

  3. Click the 'Apply' button and search for the user to preview the changes in the ‘Preview Pane’.

    Click apply

To set the ‘Display’ property, simply click on the label/field from the design pane and hit the ‘Unhide’ button under the ‘Display / Hide signature fields‘ property from the ‘Properties’ pane.


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