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Edit Survey / Feedback

The ‘Edit Survey / Feedback’ property in Sigsync editor refers to the feature that allows customization and modification of the OneClick Customer Satisfaction survey included in the email signature. The survey is designed to collect feedback from customers with a single click, making it easy for businesses to gather valuable insights and improve customer service. The ‘Edit Survey / Feedback’ feature allows modification of survey questions, design, layout, and branding to match the company's style and identity, providing a convenient way to tailor the survey to specific business needs and preferences.

To modify the OneClick Customer satisfaction survey in the Sigsync editor, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click the existing OneClick survey field from the design pane

    Click the OneClick survey field

  2. ‘Edit Survey / Feedback’ property tab gets opened from the property pane. Paste modified survey HTML code and click the ‘Apply’ button to apply the changes.

    Edit Survey / Feedback


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