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Centralized deployment of Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook using 'Exchange add-in'

Note: Supported versions:
 Outlook for Windows (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription)
 Outlook 2016 (Build 14131.20360 or higher)
 Outlook 2019 (Build 13929.20296 or higher)
 Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  1. Login to your Office 365 tenant's admin center. Click Show all and navigate to Exchange shortcut as shown in the screenshot below to open the Exchange admin center in the new tab.


  2. Here, navigate to the Organization section and click Add-ins.


  3. Under Add-ins, click on the '+' sign and select Add from URL from the drop down menu. Then, paste the link to manifest file given below to deploy the Client side Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook.


  4. Click the Install button to complete the deployment.


  5. To choose how to enable the add-in for users, click the edit ' ' button next to the '+' sign from the screenshot 3.

    • Choose Optional, enabled by default if you want to enable it to all users but provide users option to disable it. This is useful if all your users are using Sigsync signature service.
    • Choose Optional, disabled by default if you want only some users to enable it. This is recommended as it is only enabled by users if they are using Sigsync signature service.
    • Choose Mandatory, always enabled. Users can't disable this. This is not recommended as it will enable the add-in for all users without having an option to disable it.


It may take up to six hours for the app to appear in Outlook depending on Microsoft.

Upon successful deployment, to view Sigsync Signatures Add-in deployment on Outlook Web Application (OWA), click on the 'New Message' button and in the Compose section, select the three dots ('...') option.


To view Sigsync Signatures Add-in deployment in Outlook desktop application, click on the 'Preview and Add Signature' button under 'Sigsync Signatures' as shown in the screenshot below.


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