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Individual deployment of Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook using 'Get add-in'

Note: Supported versions of Outlook are Outlook for Windows (connected to a Microsoft 365 subscription), version 2104 (Build 13929.20296), and above versions.

  1. To enable Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook Web Application, open Outlook web and select 'New Message'. If the Sigsync Signatures add-in is already enabled by default in the previous settings then you can skip this step and proceed to Step 6.


  2. In the compose section, select the three dots '. . .' option in the menu bar . Then select 'Get Add-ins' as shown below.


  3. Click the 'My add-ins' tab and then click on the '+ Add a custom add-in' option. Select 'Add from URL' in the drop-down menu and paste the link to the manifest file.


  4. Click on the 'OK' button.


  5. Click on the 'Install' button. Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook will now be successfully deployed.


  6. To verify if the Sigsync Signatures add-in for Outlook web has been deployed, click the 'New Message' button. Select the three dots '. . .' option in the menu bar and click on 'Sigsync Signatures' as shown below.


  7. If you have made any changes to rules in 'Signature Rules' or to templates in 'Signature Generator', then you have to close the Sigsync Signatures add-in and reopen to view the applied changes.


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