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Sent Items Signature

There are two ways you can add signatures to your emails using Sigsync email azure service. From the server side and client side using Sigsync Outlook Add-in. If you have configured server side signature then you may not see the signature in your Outlook Sent Items folder after sending the email. To resolve this, Sigsync has an option called ‘Sent Items Folder Signature’ to enable the signatures for emails in Sent Items. Navigate through the following sections to know more about this feature.

How does Sent Items Signature work?

The Sent Items Signature service gets installed along with Sigsync service and runs as a separate service. The 'Sent Items Signature' feature needs to be enabled separately for your Office 365 tenant's Azure Active Directory for updating the signatures in your Sent Items folder.

Since the Sigsync Sent Items signature service runs as a separate service, it will not affect your emails flow and your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Tenant functionality.

OAuth 2.0 is used for authenticating your Office 365 tenant while enabling Sent Items signature feature for security.

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Which signature is applied to email in case of multiple recipients

If you send email to multiple recipients with different domains, Sigsync divides your email into several identical copies and adds a corresponding signature to each copy. However, there will only be one email in your Sent Items folder that was most recently processed by Sigsync. What is important is that all of your email recipients receive the appropriate signature depending on the rules that apply to them, even though you only see one email with a signature in the Sent Items folder.

Emails 'Send As' / 'Send on Behalf' of other users

The Sent Items signature also works with messages sent by users with the 'Send As' or 'Send on Behalf' delegate rights assigned to other mailboxes. To use this facility, enable message copying in your Exchange Online account. Sent Items signature now updates the messages in the Sent Items folder of the sender who sends emails as or on behalf of others.

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Emails 'Send As' / 'Send on Behalf' of shared mailboxes

For shared mailboxes, the 'Sent Items Signature' works similarly as described in the previous section. You must enable the message copying for shared mailboxes.

How to enable signatures for 'Sent Items' in Sigsync?

By default, the Sent Items Signature is disabled in Sigsync. To enable the Sent Items signature for the required tenant, you must login to Sigsync using your Office 365 tenant as a global administrator. This setting is tenant specific and you have to enable the Sent Items signature separately for each tenant.

Follow the below steps to enable the signatures for Sent Items in Sigsync :

  1. Step 1: Login to Sigsync Dashboard.
  2. Step 2: Click 'Manage Signatures' > 'Settings'.


  3. Step 3: Select 'Sent Items Signatures' and click 'Enable now' as highlighted in the following screenshot.


  4. Step 4: Authenticate using your Office 365 global admin account.

    Authenticate using your Office 365 global admin account

  5. Step 5: The Sent Items signature is now enabled. You can verify the settings by sending a test email.

    Sent Items signature is now enabled

It may take a few seconds for the sender to view the updated message in their Sent Items folder.

Signatures will be updated only to the emails in the original Sent Items folder. If the user has any OWA/Outlook rules configured that instantaneously transfer messages from the Sent Items folder to another location (including the Sent Items folder's subfolders) the signature is not displayed.

Troubleshooting guide

Emails are not updated in the Sent Items folder

If you have already enabled the signatures for Sent Items in Sigsync but the emails are still not updated, the following actions can help

  • Verify if the recipient is able to see the signatures from the sender.
  • Log in to Outlook on the web (OWA) and check the Sent Items folder. If the emails are updated with the signature, it clearly indicates an issue with your email client.


Emails in your Sent Items folder may not always be refreshed and properly displayed if you use Microsoft Outlook. This issue occurs due to Outlook's default behavior in the Cached Exchange mode and is not related to Sigsync.

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Signatures are not displayed in Outlook on the web (OWA)

If you use Outlook on the web (OWA), emails in the Sent Items folder are sometimes not shown correctly. You may have to completely refresh the OWA page or open your message in a new window in order to see the signatures. This problem with OWA has nothing to do with the Sigsync.

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