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Signature generator fields style and decoration

Each field of your signature has properties that you can change to decorate and style as required. Let's understand how to customize fields.


In this section, you can set each field’s width, height, margin and padding as required.

Width and Height - Setting a width of 100% will take full width of image, while if you set it as 50% it will be shrunk to half of its width. You can set height for sections.

Margin - Select a field to set margin if you want space after the border of that field. You can set margin for 4 sides or only for side(s) that needs.

Padding - Padding is useful when you need space inside the border. It can be set one or more sides.



In this section, you can choose fonts, size, colour, etc for your signature template.

Font - You can choose different font from the drop-down menu.

Font size - You can choose appropriate font size from the available values in drop-down menu.

Weight - This property defines how much bold your text will be in the selected field.

Letter spacing - This adds spacing between letters.

Font colour - Adds colour to your text. Click on the right edge of this row to pick a colour from colour picker and click 'OK' after selection.

Line height - This is to set space between two rows of fields.

Text align - Left, middle, right, justify alignments are available for text fields.

Text decoration - This changes selected text decoration. There are 3 different option as detailed below:

  •  ‘x’ button can be used to set no decoration for selected text fields.
  •  ‘U’ button is to set underline for selected text fields.
  •  ‘S’ button can be used to set strikethrough for selected text fields.

Font style - I’ sets the style to italics while ‘A’ sets the style to normal for selected text fields.

Vertical align - Its used to set vertical alignment of selected field.



In this section, you can set background colour, border collapse, border radius etc to your signature fields.

Background - Set background colour for selected field.

Border collapse - It specifies whether the borders of the table and its table cells should be “joined” or separated.

Border radius - It rounds the corners of an element's outer border edge. For example, you can set a single radius to make circular corners or two radii to make elliptical corners etc.

Border (Left, Right, Top, Bottom) - Set width, style and colour for selected border.



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