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Integration with Cogsworth

We will show how to integrate Cogsworth in your email signature so that you can directly call the sender or a contact in the sender's organization. This can be used to initiate direct one to one conversation or if you wish to open a contact option with customers, it will come in handy since there are no extra processes to go through.

How to setup Cogsworth in signature template

First, create an account in Cogsworth and add your users, configure services, synchronize Cogsworth and Office 365 calendar. In the top right corner of your profile, you can find a tutorial video.


In the Staff menu, you have to access users' profiles to copy the link to their Staff Booking Page. These links you can add in custom attributes of the exchange admin center and then use it in your signature template in Sigsync. Learn how to add custom attributes in EAC.


Each of the Cogsworth meeting links has the same format, for example:

Add the bold part in the custom attribute field.

Steps to add Cogsworth links in Signature:

  1. Login to Sigsync dashboard
  2. Add your Office 365 tenant to manage its signature (Not required if you have added before)
  3. Create your signature template using Sigsync Signature Generator


  4. Insert a suitable image into the image placeholder that represents the Cogsworth as shown.


  5. Click on the image added in the signature. Select 'Hyperlink' in the Edit window that appears. Add the necessary information and click on the 'Apply' button.



This will give a link for the recipient to call the sender directly.

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