Signature Generator

In this section, you can learn about all the signature editing features and take full advantage of the Sigsync Email Signature Generator. First, choose a template to start making your own signature. Once you have picked a template, you can start editing by understanding below features.

Generator toolbar icons – These toolbar icons provide basic functionality to manage your template like have a better view of generator with ‘Fullscreen’ button, if you have made an HTML signature before you can import it as well using ‘Import Signature Template’ button, once you make changes use ‘Save’ button to save the template and name template with your choice of name, 'Undo' button is useful when you have to revert a change you just made or to get back the changes you reverted using 'Redo' button.

You can preview the template with any user email address and check how their email signature will appear by clicking 'Preview' button and then choosing an email address on left side list of preview window. 'Delete' button will delete the template saved. 'Choose Signature Templates' gives you option to pick a different template and start over or to make new template by saving existing template.

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Generator blocks – Blocks or Placeholders are used in template to assign what type of information should be placed in which position of signature layout. There are many placeholders like AD attributes which will have a user’s corresponding AD attribute value in the email template field while sending that user’s email. You have text fields, social media icons with link, contact fields or personal fields, address field for example office address. Link blocks that can embed links to other placeholders.

You can add empty layouts and add text fields, quotes as well.

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Generator elements menu – There are two menus available in generator. Elements menu and text menu.

Elements menu consists of 'select parent', 'edit', 'delete', 'link/unlink', 'remove tag'. 'Select parent' would select the outer layer of currently selected element. 'Edit' is used to edit the selected element. 'Delete' as it suggests deletes the selected element. 'Link/unlink' makes it clickable field or can remove existing link of any field selected. 'Remove tag' is very useful to remove empty space if an user does not have any value for used AD attributes field in signature template or profile image etc.

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Text menu appears when you double click text in a field to select the text. You will be provided with Bold, Italics, Underline, Strikethrough, Link options. As the words suggests, clicking B icon makes the selected text ‘Bold’, I make it ‘italicised’ text. U will underline the selected text, Link will make the selected text clickable to open the link provided.

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Generator fields style and decoration – These are properties you can set to change style of signature fields or to decorate the fields. 

Dimension’ section has width, height, margin and padding settings. This can be used to change any field space usage as required.

Typography’ section has font, font size, weight, letter spacing, font colour, line height, text align, text decoration, font style and vertical align. This can be used to change style of text and how text is formatted.

Decoration’ section has background, border collapse, border radius and border options. This can be used to make signature look better by decorating the borders and background to make it have a professional look and feel for signature.


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