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Different signature in the first email and different in subsequent emails

During an email conversation, the same signature can be used in all the emails for identification. But having a detailed email signature with extensive banners, layouts in every email makes the entire email conversation thread look lengthy for back and forth communications. In order to solve this problem, Sigsync offers the option of adding a signature in the first email and different in the subsequent mails. This option can be used when you want to add a detailed email signature in the very first conversation and a toned down version of the email signature for the subsequent conversations in an email thread.

In the Signature rules page under the Assign Signature tab, there are two options to change the way how an email signature is added to your emails.

1. Use this signature in every email. This option allows users to use the same signature for every email in the conversation.


Example: As depicted in the screenshot, the same email signature is added to both the first (email#1) and second email (#email2).


2. Use this signature in the first email and different in subsequent emails. This option allows users to use different signatures to the first and subsequent emails in a conversation.

  • The first signature template in the screenshot (template 1) for a particular rule will be used for every fresh email conversation from a sender irrespective of whether it is composing a new email, forward or a reply.
  • The second signature template (template 2) for a particular rule will be used for the subsequent emails from the same sender in an email conversation.


Example: As shown in the screenshot, the first signature template selected for a particular rule is added when the sender starts a new email conversation (#email1). For the subsequent conversation from the same sender, a different signature template is used in the email (#email2).


Use case scenarios

  • For communicating with customers, it is redundant to add a detailed signature to every email which takes up much of the message space overshadowing any important content. By using this option, you can append a detailed signature in the very first email and a relevant but different email signature in the subsequent conversations of an email thread.
  • While communicating with internal employees in an organization, it is essential to have an elaborate signature only in the very first email and a simple signature template with basic contact details for any subsequent emails in the conversation.


Signature occurrences control how signatures are added to an email. Sigsync offers 4 options in the Preferences to customize adding signatures to emails. Know more...

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