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Outlook Add-in To View Signatures While Composing An Email

Sigsync is a centralized web-based email signature service. It attaches signatures to your emails on the fly. But, what if you want to preview your signature while composing an email. No problem – Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Office 365 uses modern Outlook Web Add-in technology from Microsoft to let end-users preview Sigsync Signatures while composing emails in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and OWA.


Step 1: Login to Sigsync dashboard

Step 2: Add your Office 365 tenant to manage its signature

Step 3: Create your signature template using Sigsync Signature Generator

Step 4: Assign signature template to Signature Rule

Now, follow the steps provided in below link to deploy the Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Outlook to add the signature while composing email: Deploy Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Outlook

Sigsync Signatures Add-in for Outlook


To enable a live preview of signatures, you need to add Sigsync Signatures Add-in to the list of add-ins in Office 365. Follow the steps mentioned in this link to use the Outlook Add-in in 'Preview Only' mode.  



Streamline Email Signature Management with a Free On-demand Demo from Sigsync

Sigsync email signature service provides effortless, centralized signature management for Office 365 and Exchange. Our team can assist you in quickly setting up company-wide signatures. Request a free on-demand demo to see how Sigsync can simplify your email signature management process.


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