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Outlook Add-in To View Signatures While Composing An Email

Sigsync is a centralized web-based email signature service. It attaches signatures to your emails on the fly. But, what if you want to preview your signature while composing an email. No problem – Sigsync email signature for Office 365 uses modern Outlook Web Add-in technology from Microsoft to let end-users preview server-side signatures while composing emails in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and OWA.

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Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 Add-in


The add-in not only allows the end-user to see a preview of server-side signatures while writing emails but also:

  • Lets an admin enable the signature preview feature centrally for all users via Microsoft 365 (Office 365) admin center or individually via Outlook on the web (OWA).
  • Makes it possible for users to see their server-side signatures in Outlook / Outlook for Mac / OWA regardless of the devices they use (mobile clients will be supported soon).
  • Allows users to view all changes updated in real time in the preview pane in Outlook, Outlook for Mac and OWA while composing emails. For example, if the users add or remove recipients or add a keyword that is used in one of your organization’s signature rules, the application will immediately show corresponding signatures.

To enable a live preview of signatures, you need to add Sigsync Email Signatures for Office 365 Add-in to the list of add-ins in Office 365. You can add it from a URL.

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