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Set up Multi-Factor Authentication for Sigsync sign-in

Sigsync, an advanced solution, optimizes the management of email signatures and disclaimers by seamlessly integrating them into Microsoft's designated email signature processing flow. This centralized, web-based service guarantees a seamless user experience while emphasizing top-tier security measures.

Sigsync offers two sign-in methods: direct Microsoft-based Sign-in and account creation within Sigsync. For Microsoft-based logins, Sigsync seamlessly redirects users to the Microsoft Sign-in page. Conversely, for Sigsync-based sign-ins, an additional layer of security is implemented through the utilization of Microsoft Authenticator-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). These combined measures uphold the highest security standards, meticulously meeting industry compliance requirements.

options available in Sigsync:

  1. Direct login using a Microsoft 365 account: ‘Login / Sign up with Microsoft’
  2. Login with Sigsync account

1. Direct login using a Microsoft 365 account

You can access your Sigsync account by logging in with your Microsoft credentials. Sigsync streamlines the process by redirecting you to the Microsoft Sign-in page, eliminating the storage of your credentials for enhanced security measures. This method ensures a secure login process through Microsoft's robust OAuth 2.0 authentication, guaranteeing a secure, smooth registration and integration experience.

Click on 'Login / Sign up with Microsoft' to log in directly with your Office 365 account.

login with Office 365

2. Login with Sigsync account

Sigsync provides the option to create an account using your email address and password. To bolster the security of this sign-in procedure and meet stringent security compliance requirements, an additional layer of protection is applied through the utilization of Microsoft Authenticator-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • Click on 'Login with email' to sign in using your email address.

Login with Email

Why is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) important?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) serves as an extra layer of defense for your accounts. Rather than relying solely on a password, which you know, MFA adds another requirement such as a smartphone or another physical token. This additional layer of security significantly raises the bar for unauthorized access, preventing unauthorized entry into your digital assets. It functions as a dual-check system, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access your accounts, thereby fortifying the protection of your data against cyber threats and identity theft. MFA plays a pivotal role in aiding organizations to comply with industry and regulatory standards, reinforcing the security measures for safeguarding sensitive information.

How does Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) work?

When a user requests access to a resource, they encounter a multi-factor authentication (MFA) process that enhances the conventional username and password setup. To secure access, the user must successfully authenticate using their initial login details and a second-level authentication process. Sigsync MFA system uses unique, time-based one-time passcodes (TOTPs) for each login attempt. Sigsync goes further by offering an advanced MFA solution using the Microsoft Authenticator app, ensuring enhanced security measures.

Steps to enable the Multi-Factor Authentication for Sigsync

Step 1: Download and Install the Microsoft Authenticator app

Download and install the most recent version of the Microsoft Authenticator app tailored to your device (Windows, Android, iOS)

Step 2: Login to Sigsync

Visit the Sigsync login page enter your email address and password, and click the 'Login with email' button.

Upon successful authentication, you will be displayed with the page where you need to enter the code displayed in your Microsoft Authenticator app for the Sigsync account on your mobile device. Please note that if your Sigsync account is not yet added to the Microsoft Authenticator app, Click the highlighted 'Click here' link as shown in the below screenshot.

Steps to Generate One-Time Password

Upon installing the Authenticator app on your mobile device, follow the steps below to add your account:

  • Launch the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • Select (+) in the upper right corner and choose the ‘Other account (Google, Facebook, etc)’ option.

    click (+) to add account

  • Scan the below QR code to set up your Sigsync account on the app

Scan the QR code

  • Click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Open your Microsoft Authenticator app and click your Sigsync account to view the TOTP code.

    Enter code to verify your account

  • Enter the code (TOTP) and click the ‘Verify’ button to complete the login process. Upon successful login, you will be redirected to the Sigsync Dashboard where you can centrally manage your email signatures.

Enter code and Verify

What should I do if the QR code image scanning fails?

If you experience trouble scanning the image, you can manually configure your Sigsync account within the Microsoft Authenticator app using a secret key.

Follow the below steps:

  • Click on ‘Can’t scan image?’

    Can’t scan image?

  • If you are unable to scan the image above, enter the below information in the Microsoft app as shown in the screenshot below.

    Enter the account name and secret key

  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the (+) icon located in the upper right corner of the app.

    click (+) to add account

  • Choose your account type as ‘Other account (Google, Facebook, etc)’

    Choose Other account

  • Opt for 'OR ENTER CODE MANUALLY' to manually input your account Details.

    Enter your code manually

  • Type in your ‘Account name’ (email address) and ‘Secret key’ in the designated fields as shown in the below screenshot.

    Add account name and secret key

  • Click the ‘Finish’ button to complete the Microsoft Authenticator app set up process.
  • That's it! Your account is now successfully configured in the Microsoft Authenticator app. Enter the code (TOTP) and click the ‘Verify’ button to complete the login process.

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